List of 90 Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

What are good topics for a college essay? Getting the right college essay topic idea can prove a bit difficult for both students and lecturers. Essay topic ideas for college students should be composed in a more technical manner and as such, can be more challenging to compose. There are many essay topic ideas for college students as well as research paper topic ideas college and in this article, we will be taking a look at 90 of them.

Fantastic Essay College Topics

  1. Write About Your Next Door Neighbour
  2. Write About Your Favourite Athlete
  3. Describe Your First Day In College
  4. What Do You Think Of COVID-19 Vaccine?
  5. Write About Your Sixteenth Birthday Party
  6. Write About Your First Skydiving Experience
  7. Write About Your First Skiing Experience
  8. Write About Your First Hiking Experience
  9. Describe Your First Time At A Job
  10. Describe Your First Day As A Volunteer
  11. Describe Your Experience Surviving A Natural Disaster
  12. Describe Your First Swimming Experience
  13. Write About The Day You Got Lost
  14. Write About The Saddest Day of Your Life
  15. Describe The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To You
  16. Write About The Happiest Day of Your Life
  17. Write About A Day You Will Never Forget
  18. Write About Your First Visit To Another Country/State
  19. Describe Your First Cooking Experience
  20. Write About Your First Driving Experience
  21. Write About Your First Flying Experience
  22. Describe How To Play Chess
  23. Write About How To Successfully Pass An Interview
  24. Write About How To Plan An Event For 100 People Under $200
  25. Write On How To Quit An Addiction
  26. Write On How To Play A Musical Instrument
  27. Write On The Effects Of Homeschooling
  28. Write On The Effects Of Social Media Among Youths
  29. Discuss How One Can Be Successful Without Formal Education
  30. Discuss Commercials That Should Be Improved
  31. What Do You Think About Religion Being Taught In Schools?
  32. Write All You Know About Anorexia
  33. Write All You Know About Bulimia
  34. Give A Detailed Guide To Solving Cyber-bullying
  35. Should Cyberloafers Be Punished?
  36. How Feasible Is The System of Democracy?
  37. What Can Be Done To Help A Student Improve On Their Grade?
  38. What Are The Effects Of Virtual Learning?
  39. What Were The Effects Of The Lockdown On Poor People?
  40. How Can Global Poverty Be Solved?
  41. How Can One Overcome Alcohol Addiction?
  42. Write On How To Manage PTSD
  43. How To Overcome Stage Fright
  44. Write On Studying Habits
  45. How Can One Quit Smoking
  46. What Are College Students Attitude Towards School Politics?
  47. Write On How One Can Protect and Conserve The Environment
  48. Write About Why You Chose Your Mentor
  49. What Are The Effects Of Divorce On The Children?
  50. Write On Why The World Should Be More Accepting Of Special Needs People
  51. Write On The Conflict Of Interests Of Being Patriotic To One’s Home and Residential Countries
  52. Write On Why We Need More Holidays
  53. Write On The Effects Of Cutting Out Carbs
  54. Write On Why Zodiac Signs Do Not Represent Reality
  55. Write On How People Have Become Dependent On Technology
  56. Why Drunk Driving Should Get A Jail Sentence Immediately
  57. Write On The Correlation Between Playing Sports and Building A Good Character
  58. Give Strategies On How To Increase A Business’s Revenue Through Digital Marketing
  59. Discuss How You Would Manage The Social Media Platforms Of Your Favourite Celebrity
  60. If You Were To Write The President’s Speech For The Olympics, What Would You Write?
  61. Describe Your Experience Kayaking For The First Time
  62. Write On Why You Believe In God
  63. Write On Three Most Powerful Nations of The Eighteenth Century
  64. What Are The Effects Of Having Crystals In A Home?
  65. Write On Three Superstitious Beliefs That You Know
  66. What Ways Can Employers Be Kinder To Their Employees?
  67. What Lessons We Can All Learn From Jeff Bezos, The Centi-billionaire
  68. Write On How To Build A Tree-House
  69. Write On How To Survive The Wild For 7 Days
  70. Describe A Typical Day In Your Life
  71. Write About A Family Tradition That Has Been Preserved For Years
  72. Should More Females Be Involved In Tech?
  73. Write About The Day You Met Your Best Friend
  74. Write About The Day You Lost A Pet
  75. Write About Your Experience As A Babysitter
  76. Write A Letter To Your Mentee
  77. Write A Letter To Your High School Self
  78. Write About A Charitable Deed You Have Done
  79. Write About Your Favourite Place To Go For A Vacation
  80. Write About Your Favourite Thing To Do When You Are Sad
  81. Write About Your Favourite Sibling
  82. Is Gender Equality Achievable?
  83. How Can The Use of Antidepressants Be Regulated In Today’s Society?
  84. What Can Be Done To Solve Racial Discrimination?
  85. Is Feminism The Solution To Solving Misogyny?
  86. Discuss Your Favourite Genre of Music
  87. What Is Art To You?
  88. Are Graffiti A Way Of Preserving Culture Or A Constituent For Public Nuisance?
  89. How Early Should A Child Be Taught Sex Education?
  90. How Can The Spread of STDs Be Drastically Curtailed?


There is a wide variety of research paper topic ideas college that you can consider. Don’t limit your imagination, and use this list of topics or utilize it to inspire your own to write the best essay!

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