100 Interesting Essay Topics for 7th Grade

The right essay topics for 7th grade students will spark up their inspiration and get their pens writing. However, it may be difficult for you as a teacher to think up the right essay ideas for 7th graders. In this post, you will be getting 100 essay topics for grade 7:

Essay Topics For 7th Graders

  1. Write About Something That You Recently Noticed In Your Classroom
  2. Would You Rather Be Homeschooled, Learn Virtually or Attend School Physically?
  3. Do You Behave Differently At Home Than In School?
  4. Write About Your Experience Fishing For The First Time
  5. Write About Your Role Model
  6. What Is Your Hidden Talent?
  7. Write A Letter To Your Older Self
  8. Write A Letter To The President
  9. Tell A Favourite Story That Your Grandparent Told You
  10. Write About A Time You Volunteered At An Event
  11. Write About The One Time You Did Something Just Because A Friend Told You To
  12. Write A Story About The Classmate You Admire
  13. Write About Your Favourite Teacher
  14. Write About A Time You Let Someone Down
  15. Write About Your Favourite Books
  16. Write A Review On The Worst Books You Have Read
  17. Write About A Friendship You Lost
  18. Write About What You Love Most About Yourself
  19. Write About Something You Want To Do
  20. Write About Countries You Want To Visit
  21. What Does It Mean To Be Successful?
  22. What Does It Mean To Be Patriotic?
  23. Describe How To Make Your Favourite Food
  24. Write About How One Good Turn Deserves Another
  25. Would You Like To Go To Outerspace?
  26. The Worst TV Show You Have Ever Watched?
  27. What Is The Best TV Show You Have Ever Watched?
  28. What Has Technology Done For Schooling?
  29. Write About A Family Tradition
  30. What Is Your Religion?
  31. What Makes Your Hometown Special?
  32. Describe Your Experience As A Leader
  33. How To Make Your Favourite Drink
  34. Have You Ever Worked At A Job? Describe It
  35. Write About A Family Trip
  36. Describe The Day You Met Your Pet
  37. Describe The Day You Met Your Best Friend
  38. Describe The Day You Got Lost
  39. Describe The Day You Got Sick
  40. Write About Your Family Culture
  41. Something That Should Change In Your School
  42. Should Grade 7 Students Use Smartphones?
  43. How Can Bullying Be Curbed?
  44. Is TV Time Bad For Grade 7 Students?
  45. Should Grade 7 Students Be Restricted From Using The Internet?
  46. What Do You Like About The Town Where You Live?

Fun Essay Topics for Grade 7 Students

  1. What Do You Hate About The Town Where You Live?
  2. What Do You Like About Your School’s Cafeteria?
  3. Your Favourite Superhero
  4. Your Most Embarrassing Experience
  5. Your Saddest Experience
  6. Write About Your Happiest Experience
  7. If Your Best Friend Told Someone Else Your Secret, What Would You Do?
  8. Describe The First Time You Saw A Rainbow
  9. Describe The First Time You Flew In A Plane
  10. Describe The First Time In A Boat
  11. What Would You Like To Study In College?
  12. What Is Your Favourite Weather?
  13. What Fun Places Have You Visited Recently?
  14. Describe Your First Hiking Experience
  15. Describe Your First Sleepover Experience
  16. What Are Your Favourite TV Characters?
  17. Which Do You Prefer: Reading A Hard Copy or An E-book?
  18. If You Could Go Back In Time, What Would You Do?
  19. The Most Important Holiday To You?
  20. Your Family’s Most Important Celebration?
  21. Describe A Day In Your Life
  22. Who Is Your Favourite Family Member?
  23. What Are Your Favourite Book Characters?
  24. What Are The Same Characters That You And Your Best Friend Share?
  25. How Do You Spend Your Weekends?
  26. Describe Your Relationship With Your Parents or Guardians
  27. How Do You Start Your Day?
  28. What Do You Understand By Climate Change?
  29. What Do You Understand By Gender Equality?
  30. What Do You Understand By Global Warming?
  31. What Do You Understand By Climate Change?
  32. Describe Your Favourite Fashion Ensemble
  33. Riding In The School Bus vs Riding In Your Parent’s Car
  34. What Would You Be Like In 20 Years?
  35. Why Do You Believe In God?
  36. Explain How To Shop At Your Local Store
  37. How Do You Prepare For School?
  38. Explain Why The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
  39. Why Do Kids Rebel Against Their Teachers?
  40. How Can Your School Help Children With Special Needs?
  41. How Can Schools Help Their Students To Develop Their Talent
  42. What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bedbugs?
  43. Why Should People Recycle Waste?
  44. Should Religion Be Taught In Schools?
  45. Identify A Problem In Your Environment And How It Can Be Solved
  46. Describe The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To You
  47. How Can One Stop Drug Addiction?
  48. How Can One Stop Alcohol Addiction?
  49. Should Students Be Punished For Misbehaviour In Schools?
  50. How Do Your Parents Discipline You?
  51. What Is Your Favourite Animal?
  52. Write About Your First Swimming Experience
  53. Describe Your First Day As A New Student
  54. Describe Your First Time In A New Country


Essay topics for grade 7 can be fun and exciting. However, you just have to select the right essay topics for 7th grade that will work for you or your students. With these essay topics for 7th grade, your students will get inspiration and start writing!

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