80 Essay Topics for Grade 6

Preparing essay topics for grade 6 may seem easy but it can be tasking. Students in that class need to be able to understand your topic so as to express themselves clearly. In this article, you will be getting 80 essay topics for grade 6.

Essay Topics For Grade 6

  1. Write On The Day You Moved To Your New Neighbourhood
  2. The Day You Got A New Pet
  3. The Day You Visited A New Place For A Vacation
  4. What Is Your Favourite Food?
  5. Why Do You Love The Colors You Love
  6. Write About The Day You Got Transferred To This New School
  7. Discuss The Day You Met Your Best Friend
  8. Describe Your Favourite Celebrity and Why You Love Them
  9. Discuss Who You’d Like To Be Friends With In Your Class
  10. Explain How To Do A Homework Without Being Afraid
  11. Discuss How To Prepare For A Test
  12. Discuss The Importance Of Your School Library
  13. Talk About Your Favourite TV Show
  14. Who Is That Celebrity You Would Like To Meet and Why?
  15. Who Is Your Role Model and Why?
  16. Who Is Your Favourite Teacher and Why?
  17. Talk About Your Favourite Books of All Time
  18. Give A Step-by-Step Explanation of How To Pass A Hard Level In A Game
  19. What Is That One Act of Kindness You Have Done This Year
  20. Write On Why You (Dis)Believe In The Existence of God
  21. What Do You Know About Gender Equality?
  22. Talk About The Services At Your School Cafeteria
  23. Talk About An Event That You Have Volunteered For
  24. Write About The Problems That Immigrants Face In A New Country
  25. What Is The Funniest Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?
  26. Write About The Day You Were Naughty
  27. Write About How You Spend Your Holidays
  28. Have You Ever Met Someone With A Different Religion From Yours? What Did You Talk About?
  29. What College Will You Like To Go To After High School?
  30. What Do You Want To Study In College?
  31. Write About Two Countries You Would Love To Visit
  32. Write About What It Is That You Are The Most Afraid Of
  33. What Genre of Music Is Your Favourite
  34. Do You Think People Should Attend Schools Physically?
  35. What Is Your Favourite Day Of The Week And Why?
  36. Should Students Eat More Snacks or More Vegetables?
  37. Discuss A New Language That You Have Learned
  38. Discuss The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To You
  39. Write About The Best Birthday Party You Had
  40. Describe Your Favourite Family Member
  41. Write About The Saddest Thing That Happened To You
  42. Talk About Your Favourite Sport
  43. Write About The Day That You Hurt Yourself
  44. What Do You Think About Doing Good Turns?
  45. Write About The Day You Visited A Farm
  46. Discuss What Happened At A Zoo You Visited
  47. Write About Your Visit To Your Best Friend’s House
  48. Discuss Your Favourite Animated Film
  49. Write About A Concert That You Have Attended
  50. Write About The Happiest Day of Your Life
  51. Write About Your Favourite Season of The Year
  52. Write About Your Experience With Your First Phone
  53. Write About Your Experience With Your First Computer
  54. Write About What You Want Your Dream Bedroom To Look Like
  55. Write About Your Visit To Your Hometown
  56. Discuss Your Favourite Subject In School
  57. Write About Your Older Sibling
  58. Write About Your Favourite Global Leader (this could be a politician, an entrepreneur, or a philanthropist)
  59. Describe A Surprising Experience
  60. Write About Your Favourite Social Media App
  61. Discuss How To Cook Your Favourite Meal
  62. Discuss An Experience When You Had A Family Hangout
  63. Discuss The Most Dangerous Thing You Have Done
  64. Write About Your Experience With A Stranger
  65. Write About Your Experience Working As An Intern
  66. Write About Your First Flying Experience
  67. Write About The Oldest Person You Know
  68. Describe Your Experience When You Got Lost
  69. Describe Your Experience With Babysitting Younger Ones
  70. Write About Who You Miss The Most
  71. Write About The Person Who Changed Your Life
  72. Describe Your Experience With Having To Move Away From Your Former Neighborhood
  73. Discuss How You Made Up With A Friend You Fought With
  74. Discuss What Your After-school Day Is Like
  75. Discuss A Day In Your Life
  76. What Do You Like Best About Your School?
  77. Discuss A Day In The Life With You and Your Family
  78. Discuss Your Religious Belief
  79. Write About What You Think of Virtual Learning
  80. Write About A Friendship You Lost

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