66 “Proposing A Solution” Essay Topic Ideas That You Need

Proposing A Solution Essay Topic is one that is written to give a solution to a problem or talk about ways in which something can get better. In this article, you will be receiving 66 different proposing a solution essay topic ideas on this so continue reading!

Proposing A Solution Essay Topic Ideas


  1. How Can Homelessness Be Solved In The American Society?
  2. What Can Be Done To Eliminate Racial Discrimination In Workplaces and At Schools?
  3. How Humans Of All Races, Religion, and Nationalities Can Learn To Tolerate Each Other
  4. How Parents and Guardians Can Help Raise Responsible Children
  5. Is Punishment The Solution To Misbehaviour In Schools?
  6. What Roles Speeches Play In Preserving Cultures
  7. How The Fight For Gender Equality Can Be Achieved
  8. How Juvenile Centres Can Be More Effective In Helping Erring Young People
  9. Is Violence The Solution To Violence?
  10. How To Settle Disputes Peacefully


  1. How Can The Human Rights of Smokers Be Respected Despite The Bans on Smoking?
  2. In A World of Political Correctness, How Can One Help Obese or Overweight People Without Being Offensive?
  3. How Can The Abuse of Drugs Be Reduced Drastically In Today’s Society?
  4. How Can Alcohol Intake Be Controlled?
  5. How Can The Media Contribute To The Promotion of A Healthy Lifestyle?
  6. How Can The Rate of Abortion Be Reduced Among Teenage Girls?
  7. In What Ways Can Parents Contribute To Improving The Mental Wellbeing Of Their Children?
  8. How Can The Use of Antidepressants Be Regulated In Today’s Society?
  9. How Can The Spread of STDs Be Drastically Reduced In Today’s Society?
  10. What Can Pregnant Women Do To Reduce Birth Defects?


  1. How Can Democracy Become More Effective?
  2. How Can Manipulation of Votes Be Prevented?
  3. Why Prisoners Should Be Allowed To Vote
  4. How The Government Can Help Stop Racial Discrimination
  5. How The Government Can Help War Veterans Overcome PTSD
  6. How The Government Can Predict And Control Impending Economic Crisis
  7. How Electoral Malpractice Can Be Prevented
  8. How Government Workers Can Receive Their Pensions Without Any Troubles
  9. What Ways Politicians Can Become More Trusted By The People
  10. What Can Be Done To Improve Credit Systems


  1. How Can Cyber-bullying Be Reduced Amongst Teenagers?
  2. In What Ways Can Cybercrime Be Curbed?
  3. How Can Cyberloafing Be Reduced Amongst Tech Workers?
  4. How Can A User’s Privacy Be Protected On The Internet?
  5. What Security Measures Can Be Put In Place To Curb Data Theft?
  6. What Effects Does Technology Have On Mental Health And How Can That Be Curbed?
  7. How Social Media Can Be Used To Harmonize Human Relationships
  8. How Can A User Recognize and Report A Cyberstalker
  9. What Ways The Internet Can Improve Literacy In Today’s Society
  10. How Robots Can Make Human Living Easier


  1. The Contribution of E-books To Modern Art
  2. How Graffiti Help To Preserve Cultures
  3. How Body Art (Tattoos and Piercings) Tell A Person’s Emotions
  4. How Art Education In Schools Can Be Preserved
  5. How The Culture of Reading Can Be Encouraged In Today’s Digital Age
  6. How Colors Contribute To Modern Day Art
  7. What Are The Ways In Which The Minority Can Express Their Art
  8. How Technology Contributes To Art
  9. What Ways Artists Can Express Their Art
  10. The Place of Hard Copy Books In A Digital World


  1. How Misbehaviour Can Be Curbed In Schools
  2. The Role of Parents In Raising Responsible Children
  3. How Sex Education Can Help Reduce The Spread of STDs and Unwanted Pregnancies
  4. Effective Educational Methods For Teaching Special Needs Children
  5. How Teachers Can Contribute To Building Self-esteem In Students
  6. How Parents Can Work With Teachers To Raise Responsible Citizens
  7. How The Government Can Help Improve The Environment For Learning In Public Schools
  8. Effective Digital Learning Tools For Today’s Society
  9. How To Help Students Reduce Control Peer Pressure
  10. What Ways Bullying In Schools Can Be Stopped
  11. How A Learning Environment Can Be Suitable Both For Teachers and Students


  1. How Technology Can Help Improve Fashion
  2. The Different Ways In Which People Can Express Their Fashion Sense
  3. Why Fashion Critics Can Be Wrong
  4. In What Ways Can One Style Dresses
  5. How To Improve The Mental Health of Models In The Fashion Industry

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