85 Original “This I Believe” Essay Topic Idea

A lecturer may ask students to turn in a “this I believe essay topic idea”, writing about something they think exists. Thus, students start to search the internet on “this I believe essay topic idea”. In writing a “this I believe” essay, there are no limits. You can write about anything you believe in from true love to a religious belief to your political stand. However, getting the right “this I believe essay topic idea” is something that students struggle with. In this article, you will be getting many essay topic ideas you can choose from. So, continue reading!

85 I Believe Essay Topic Ideas

  1. I Believe In Doing A Good Turn
  2. I Believe In Gender Equality
  3. I Believe In God
  4. I Believe In True Love
  5. I Believe In Myself
  6. I Believe In Diligence At Work
  7. I Believe In Living Single Forever
  8. I Believe In Having A Best Friend
  9. I Believe In Dreams
  10. I Believe In Fate
  11. I Believe In Working Hard
  12. I Believe In Communal Work
  13. I Believe In The Power Of Words
  14. I Believe In Drawing My Inner Strength
  15. I Believe In Talking As A Means Of Solving Problems
  16. I Believe In Women Dominating Politics
  17. Robots Will Take Over Human Labour In 10 Years, This I Believe
  18. I Believe Homeschooling Is Better Than Attending School Physically
  19. I Believe In Feminism
  20. I Believe In Showing The World My Hidden Talent
  21. I Believe In Volunteering For Charity Events
  22. I Believe In Visiting Countries As A Teenager
  23. I Believe That Social Media Has Adverse Effects On Mental Health
  24. I Believe Having Pets Help A Person
  25. I Believe In Spending Time With The Elderly
  26. I Believe In Rekindling Old Friendships
  27. I Believe We All Have Hidden Abilities
  28. I Believe Children Should Not Be Spanked
  29. I Believe Prisoners Should Be Allowed To Vote
  30. I Believe Women Should Rule The World
  31. I Believe The Simplest Things In Life Bring Fulfillment
  32. I Believe In Taking Risks
  33. I Believe In Going On Adventures
  34. I Believe Abortion Should Be Delegalized
  35. I Believe In Making Sacrifices For Loved Ones
  36. I Believe Success Is Relative
  37. I Believe The Theory Of Evolution Is A Myth
  38. I Believe In Learning How To Cook At A Young Age
  39. I Believe In Learning Tech At A Young Age
  40. I Believe In Body Positivity And Confidence
  41. I Believe In Having Role Models
  42. I Believe In A Mother’s Love
  43. I Believe In A Father’s Love
  44. I Believe In Spending Time With My Family
  45. I Believe In Writing Letters To My Younger Self
  46. I Believe In Writing Letters To My Older Self
  47. I Believe There Is Intrusion Of Privacy Of Social Media Users
  48. I Believe More Youths Have Mental Health Issues
  49. I Believe The Media Misrepresents The Youth
  50. I Believe In Keeping Family Traditions Alive
  51. I Believe In Hard Copies Are Better Than E-books
  52. I Believe In Financial Responsibility
  53. I Believe In Legal Punishment For Cyber-bullying
  54. I Believe Foetus Should Have Legal Rights
  55. I Believe In Shared Domestic Roles For Husbands And Wives
  56. I Believe In Helping The Sick
  57. I Believe Everyone Has Their Personal Fashion Sense
  58. I Believe Would-be Fathers Should Have A Say In Determining Whether An Abortion Is Carried Out Or Not
  59. I Believe Democracy Has No Place In The 21st Century
  60. I Believe Technology Has Contributed Immensely To Fashion
  61. I Believe Teachers Should Be Paid Higher Salaries
  62. I Believe Teachers Are Under-appreciated
  63. I Believe Libraries Are The Bedrocks Of Literacy
  64. I Believe Cultures Should Be Preserved
  65. I Believe That Women Should Be More Financially Empowered
  66. I Believe Children Should Be Financially Empowered
  67. I Believe NGOs Should Pay Taxes
  68. I Believe Art Is Life
  69. I Believe In Formal Education
  70. I Believe Cars Should Drive Themselves
  71. I Believe China Is The Next Superpower
  72. I Believe The US Interferes In Other Countries’ Affairs
  73. I Believe Preteenagers Should Start A Job During The Holiday
  74. I Believe There Should Not Be Summer Lessons
  75. I Believe Supreme Court Justices Should Be Elected
  76. I Believe The Internet Should Be Regulated
  77. I Believe Religion Is Relevant In The 21st Century
  78. I Believe Sex Education Should Be Introduced In Grade Level
  79. I Believe 5G Technology Is More Beneficial To Humans
  80. I Believe Vegetables Should Replace Junk
  81. I Believe Students Should Wear Uniforms To School
  82. I Believe Sororities Are Irrelevant To Schools
  83. I Believe Immigrants Face Discrimination In Schools
  84. I Believe Public Schools Are Under-facilitated
  85. I Believe Euthanasia Should Be Made A Criminal Offence

How To Write A “This I Believe Essay”

Now that you have these topics, the next thing to get is the structure: title, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Make sure you go straight to the point and cut out unnecessary words.


With these essay topics, you are on the right path to writing a good “this I believe” essay. Remember to start your essay with the title, followed by an introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

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