List of 150 Essay Topics and Ideas

What are good topics for essays? What are good topics to write an essay about? These are usually thoughts that run through the kind of a teacher when it comes to thinking up essay topic ideas. Having the right essay topic idea helps not only the student but also the teacher as they mark. Still, getting the right essay topic idea is something most teachers struggle with. If you are one of such teachers, you do not have to worry anymore. In this post, you will be getting 150 essay topics and ideas.

Great Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Homeschooling vs Virtual Learning vs Physical Schooling?
  2. Describe A Compatriot
  3. Write On Your Alter Ego
  4. Write On Your Experience As A Volunteer
  5. What Are The Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health?
  6. Write A Review Of The Worst TV Show Of The Year
  7. Write A Review Of The Best TV Show Of The Year
  8. Write A Review Of The Best Books Of All Time
  9. Write A Review Of The Worst Books Of ALL Time
  10. What Is A Secret Talent That You Have?
  11. What Countries You Would Like To Visit?
  12. Write About Experiencing Outerspace Vicariously Through An Astronaut
  13. Write About The Day You Got Your Pet
  14. Write About The Weekend You Spent With Your Grandparents
  15. What Are The Effects Of Climate Change?
  16. What Is The Riskiest Thing You Have Done?
  17. What Is That Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience That You Have Had?
  18. What Are The Simplest Things Of Life That Bring Fulfillment
  19. Why Do You Think Gender Equality Is Not Feasible?
  20. Patriarchy Or Sexism: What Is The Right Term?
  21. Feminism: A Solution Or A Different Master?
  22. Write About A Friendship You Lost And Found Again
  23. Write About A Sacrifice You Made For Someone
  24. Write About A Sacrifice Someone Made For You
  25. Why Do You Think Abortion Should Be Delegalized?
  26. What Is The Proof Of God’s Existence To You?
  27. Relay Your First Time On A Farm
  28. Discuss Your First Time Skiing
  29. Describe Your First Time In A Private Jet
  30. Relay Your First Time On A Train
  31. Discuss Your First Time On A Boat
  32. Describe Your First Time Hiking
  33. Describe Your First Time Camping
  34. What Is Your Definition Of Success?
  35. What Self-esteem Is To You?
  36. What Body Confidence Is To You?
  37. Write About A Leader You Admire
  38. Give A Step-by-Step Explanation On How To Cook Your Cultural Food
  39. Write On A Beautiful, Irrelevant, Or Silly Family Tradition
  40. Write About A Family Trip That You And Your Family Took Recently
  41. Write About The Day You Met Your Best Friend
  42. Write About The Day You Got Sick
  43. Write About The Day You Got Transferred To A New School
  44. Write About Your Visit To A Zoo
  45. Write About Your Visit To A Temple
  46. Write About Your Visit To A Different Continent
  47. Write A Letter To Your Older Self
  48. Write A Letter To Your Younger Self
  49. Write A Letter To Your Present Self
  50. Describe Your Role Model(s)
  51. Relay Your First Day At Your First Job
  52. Describe Your First Time As A Volunteer
  53. Write About An Event You Created
  54. What Is Your Hidden Talent?
  55. Hard Copies Or E-books: Which One Do You Prefer?
  56. Write About A Day In Your Life
  57. Write About How You Spend Your Weekends
  58. What Do You Think Is The Solution To Cyber-bullying?
  59. Write About Your Favourite Superhero
  60. Write About Where You See Yourself In 10 Years
  61. Write About Your Career Choice
  62. Write About How To Be Financially Responsible
  63. Write About Your Favourite Teacher(s)
  64. Write About Your Happiest Experience
  65. Write About Your Saddest Experience
  66. Write About Your Most Embarrassing Experience
  67. Write About A Problem In Your Community You Would Like To Solve
  68. Write About How To Make Your Favourite Drink
  69. Write About What Fashion Is To You
  70. Technology And Fashion: How These Two Are Fused
  71. Write About Your Favourite Holiday
  72. What Is Art To You?
  73. Write About Democracy In The 21st Century
  74. Write About Your Favourite Genre Of Music
  75. Why Supreme Court Justices Should Be Elected?
  76. Should Cars Drive Themselves?
  77. When Sex Education Should Be Introduced In Schools
  78. Should Students Wear Uniforms To School?
  79. What Was The Scariest Day Of Your Life?
  80. What Is The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To You?
  81. Describe The Interference Of The US In Other Countries’ Affairs
  82. China: The World’s Next Global Power
  83. Are Robots Taking Over Human Labour?
  84. The Intrusion Of Social Media Apps On Users’ Privacy
  85. What Are The Negative Effects Of 5G Technology?
  86. What Is The Relevance Of Sororities To Schools?
  87. Should The Internet Be Regulated?
  88. What Are The Challenges Of Immigrants In A New Country?
  89. Why Do You Think NGOs Should Pay Taxes?
  90. What Is The Relevance Of Religion In Today’s Society?
  91. Why Do You Think Colleges Should Be Tuition-free?
  92. What Is The Appropriate Age For A Child To Begin School?
  93. Should Euthanasia Be Made A Criminal Offence?
  94. Why Do You Think Death Penalty Is Inhumane?
  95. Why Teachers Should Be Paid Higher Salaries
  96. Why Do You Think Sex Work Should Be Legalized?
  97. How Political Correctness Is Destroying Society
  98. Why Sexual Enhancers Should Be Banned
  99. Write About Why Alcohol Should Be Banned
  100. Write About How To Stop Drug Addiction
  101. Write About How To Overcome Stage Fright
  102. Write About How To Overcome Alcohol Addiction
  103. Why People Should Be Disallowed From Buying Over-the-counter Medication
  104. Why Do You Think Social Media Should Be Regulated
  105. Write About The Rise Of Medical Negligence
  106. Why Men Should Have A Say In Abortion
  107. Write About The Impacts Of Single Parenting
  108. Write About The Dangers Of Introducing Teenagers To Birth Control Pills
  109. Write About Why Peer Pressure Is On The Rise
  110. Write About Why Doctors Should Not Advertise Medication
  111. What Are The Long-term Effects Of Doing A Liposuction?
  112. Write About The Benefits Of Wearing Your Natural Hair
  113. Write About Two Most Powerful Women In Your Life
  114. Write About Two Most Powerful Men In Your Life
  115. If You Could Meet Anyone From The Past, Who Would It Be And Why?
  116. If You Could Go Back In Time, What Would You Like To Change?
  117. Describe How To Play Chess
  118. Describe How To Play And Win Your Favourite Game
  119. Describe How To Make A Body Oil
  120. What Causes Mood Swings?
  121. A Step-by-Step Method On How To Care For Your Dog
  122. How To Take Care Of A Parrot
  123. How To Take Care Of Your Cat
  124. Describe Your First Driving Experience
  125. Describe Your First Experience As A Babysitter
  126. Why Telenovelas Should Be Banned
  127. How To Purify Bad Water
  128. Write About How To Successfully Build A Camp Fire
  129.  Write About Why Cigarettes And Cigars Should Be Banned
  130. The Positive Impacts Of Weed
  131. Write About How To Successfully Pass An Interview
  132. Write About How Employers Can Improve Work Relationships With Employees
  133. How To Balance Work And School Life
  134. How To Balance Career And Family Life
  135. What Is Quarter-Life Crisis?
  136. Why Do Young People Look Older?
  137. Write About Three Influential Young People In The World
  138. Write About Two Greatest Musicians Of All Time
  139. Write About Your Favourite Sport
  140. Write About Two Greatest Footballers Of All Time
  141. Does Freedom Of Speech Exist In Your Country?
  142. How To Solve Racial Discrimination
  143. The Suppression Of Freedom Of The Press
  144. The Effects Of Divorce On The Children
  145. Why More Women Should Be In Tech
  146. Write About Your Favourite Sibling
  147. The Silliest Thing You Have Done
  148. What Attracts You To A Person
  149. Your First Day In College
  150. The Bravest Thing You Have Done


This extensive list of essay topic ideas should help you out in making a decision or inspiring you to write about something you are truly interested in. That is important to make your essay successful.