Top 77 New Essay Topic Ideas for High School

High school students are expected to know how to write an essay properly. As a teacher, it is your duty to think up creative essay topic ideas for high school. However, having to think up these essay topics may drain the brain. In this article, you will be getting 77 essay topic ideas for high school.

Essay Topic Ideas For High School

  1. Should High School Students Be Punished For Misbehaviour?
  2. What Are The Effective Ways Bullying Can Be Stopped In High Schools?
  3. What Ways Can The School Help The Students Improve Their Mental Health Condition?
  4. Do Beauty Magazines Paint A False Narrative Of Beauty Standards?
  5. What Is The Connection Between Video Game Violence and Real-life Violence?
  6. How Can A Student With Slow Learning Skills Do Better?
  7. How Can The High Rate of Abortion Be Reduced?
  8. Why Do Students Drop Out Of School?
  9. Is Equal Rights Feasible or Not?
  10. What Do You Understand By Gender Equality?
  11. What Is Art To You?
  12. Discuss Your Favourite Genre of Music
  13. Should High School Students Do Homework?
  14. What Can Be Done To Reduce Sexual Violence?
  15. Should NGOs Pay Taxes?
  16. Should Individual Legal Ownership of Guns Be Revoked?
  17. Why More Girls Should Be Involved In Math
  18. Why More Girls Should Be Involved In Tech
  19. Should Reality TV Be Scrapped?
  20. Should Teachers Punish Students For Misbehaviour?
  21. In What Ways Can Technology Benefit Education?
  22. Should School Cafeteria Serve Only Vegetables?
  23. Fast Food vs Homemade Food
  24. Is Soda As Unhealthy As They Say It Is?
  25. How Can Students Improve On Their Grades?
  26. Should More Time Be Allocated To Sports In Schools?
  27. Is Democracy Feasible In The 21st-century?
  28. What Are The Dangers of Having Virtual Friends?
  29. What Are The Impacts Of Social Media On Mental Health?
  30. Why Education Should Be Free
  31. What Are The Dangers Of Homeschooling?
  32. What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Learning?
  33. Should High School Students Access To The Internet In School Be Restricted?
  34. What Are The Underlying Causes Of Bullying In Schools?
  35. Should Sports Be Scrapped Out From The School Curriculum?
  36. What Do You Think About Your Country’s System of Government?
  37. What Healthy Competitions Can High School Students Engage In?
  38. How Should Bullies Be Punished?
  39. Write About Where You Want To Go For Your Next Vacation
  40. What Is The Most Adventurous Thing You Have Done?
  41. What Was The Scariest Day Of Your Life?
  42. What Was The Weirdest Thing That Has Happened To You?
  43. What Continent Would You Like To Visit?
  44. If You Could Redo One Good Deed, What Would It Be?
  45. Should Religion Be Taught In Secular Schools?
  46. Are Tattoos Body Art or A Constituent For Public Nuisance?
  47. At What Age Should A Student Learn How To Drive?
  48. Describe Your First Driving Experience
  49. Describe Your First Time On A Boat
  50. Why We Should All Be Vegans
  51. What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To You
  52. Describe Your Experience At A Court Session
  53. Discuss A Most Memorable Day In Your Life
  54. Describe A Sad Event In Your Life
  55. Describe A Happy Event In Your Life
  56. Write About Your First Day As A Volunteer
  57. Write About Your Favourite Movies Of All Time
  58. Describe Your Connection With Your First Pet
  59. What Instrument Did You Learn How To Play During The Holidays?
  60. Describe Your Experience Visiting A New Country
  61. What Do You Think About UFOs?
  62. Talk About Your Camping Experience
  63. Describe A Day In Your Life
  64. Describe What Happened The Day You Were Hospitalized
  65. Give A Detailed Explanation On How To Groom A Horse
  66. Give A Detailed Explanation On How To Cook Your Favourite Meal
  67. Write A Letter To Your Younger Self
  68. Write A Letter To Your Older Self
  69. Discuss Your Views On Immigrants
  70. Write On Two Different Systems of Government
  71. Write A Letter To A Younger Person Telling Them About Peer Pressure
  72. Why Women Should Be More Involved In Tech
  73. Write About Your Most Beautiful Friendships
  74. Describe Your Relationship With Your Parents or Guardians
  75. What Would You Like To Study In College?
  76. Write About The College of Your Dreams
  77. What Do You Understand By Consent In Human Relationships?

How To Write A High School Essay

If you are a student who has been given an essay prompt, you need to follow a structure to help guide your writing. The basic structure for an essay is the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction should be short and straight to the point, letting the reader know what you want to talk about. The body paragraphs should contain the main points of your essay while the conclusion should be a summary of what you have written. Remember to always write in clear English and to consult a dictionary for further help.


Writing a high school essay does not have to be tasking. As long as you understand the essay topic and follow the structure of introduction, body, and conclusion, writing your essay becomes easier.

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