70 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas College Students

Writing an argumentative essay may seem easy on the surface but getting the right argumentative essay topic idea is something that most students in colleges struggle with. If you are one of such students reading this, you do not have to worry about what to write about. In this article, you will be getting 70 argumentative essay topic ideas college students that you can choose from. Whether you are a science, art, education, or tech student, there is an essay topic idea here for you. So, continue reading!

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas College Students


  1. Graffiti: An Expression of Art or A Constituent For Public Nuisance?
  2. Art Education: Is It Still As Effective In Today’s Century As It Was In The Past Century?
  3. Is Music Art and Is Art Music?
  4. Are Hard Copy Books Still Relevant In Today’s Society?
  5. Can Just Anything Be Qualified As A Work of Art?
  6. Is YouTube A Platform For The Promotion of Art or A Place Where Art Has Been Abused?
  7. Is There A Thing As Abused Art?
  8. Are Swear Words In Books and Movies An Expression of Art or A Contributor To The Decadence In Society?
  9. E-books: A Better Way Approach To Reading Or A Method of Weakening The Reading Culture
  10. Reading vs Watching: Which Is The Better Expression of Art?


  1. Is Democracy Really Functional In Today’s 21st-century?
  2. Why Are People In Prisons Not Allowed To Cast Votes?
  3. How Effective Is An Electoral Body In Overseeing An Election Process?
  4. Do The People’s Votes Really Count?
  5. Supreme Court Justices: Should They Be Appointed Or Elected?
  6. Should The Government Ban Indecency On Television and Magazines?
  7. What Is The Usefulness of Spending So Much Money On Political Campaigns?
  8. Why Must Voters Prove Their Identity Before They Can Vote?
  9. Why Does The United States of America Interfere Constantly In The Affairs of Other Countries?
  10. Should The Government Regulate The Internet?


  1. Should Apps and Websites Collect The Private Information Of Its Users?
  2. Are Tesla Cars An Advancement Of Technology or A Danger To Its Drivers?
  3. Should Robot Workers Replace Human Labour?
  4. What Is The Role of The Internet In Advancing Humankind?
  5. Why Should Cars Drive Themselves?
  6. Is Facebook Intruding On Its User’s Privacy?
  7. Will Robots Replace Human-to-Human Interaction?
  8. Do Automated Systems Make Humans Lazy?
  9. Is 5G Necessary For The Advancement of Technology?
  10. Is The World Advancing Technologically?


  1. Religious Organizations: Is It Fair For These Not To Pay Taxes?
  2. Why Are Religious Subjects Being Scrapped From Schools?
  3. Why Does The (Non)Existence of A Supreme Being Bother Unbelievers?
  4. Should Catholic Priests Be Allowed To Marry?
  5. Should Nuns Be Allowed To Marry?
  6. What Is The Role of Religion In Today’s Society?
  7. Why Are Religious Words Blipped Out As Swear Words?
  8. Why Does Christian Persecution Still Exist?
  9. Are Religious People The Victims or Perpetrators?
  10. Should Children Be Taught How To Pray In Schools?


  1. Should Students Wear Uniforms To School?
  2. When Should Sex Education Be Introduced In Schools?
  3. What Is The Relevance of Sororities To Schools?
  4. Should Colleges Be Tuition-free?
  5. Should Race/Nationality Determine A Student’s Admission?
  6. What Age Is Appropriate For A Child To Begin School?
  7. Should English Be The Only Official Language In Schools?
  8. What Qualifies As Bullying?
  9. Should Students Be Punished In Schools?
  10. Why Are Teachers Not Paid Higher Salaries?


  1. What Is Considered Moral and What Is Not?
  2. “As Long As You’re Not Hurting Anyone?” A Proper Phrase or An Excuse For Bad Behaviour?
  3. Will Political Correctness Be Society’s End?
  4. Why Is Sex Work Criminalised?
  5. Why Is The Death Penalty Still Legal?
  6. Is “Columbus’ Day” Offensive?
  7. Should Drug Peddlers Be Sentenced To Life Imprisonment?
  8. Should Prisons Be Better Improved?
  9. Why Are Animals Being Tested?
  10. Is Abortion Morally Right?


  1. Should Euthanasia Be Made A Criminal Offence?
  2. Should Abortion Require The Male’s Consent?
  3. Should Doctors Advertise Medications?
  4. Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Use Birth Control?
  5. Should Enhancers Be Banned?
  6. Should Organic Products Be Regulated?
  7. Should People Be Allowed To Buy Over-the-counter Medications?
  8. Should GMOs Be Banned?
  9. Should Influencers’ Promotions of Health Products/Services Be Regulated?
  10. Is Medical Negligence On The Rise?

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