List of 75 Essay Topic Ideas For Middle School Students

Middle school students have learned how to write and are only too willing to show off their writing. Writing their ideas on paper is one way they can express what they feel on the inside. As a teacher, it is your duty to encourage them by giving them essays to write. However, you may be lacking in inspiration with essay topics ideas for middle school students. You don’t have to worry about that any longer. In this article, you will be getting 75 essay topic ideas for middle school students. So, continue reading!

Essay Topic Ideas For Middle School Students

  1. What Are The Benefits of Technology To Education?
  2. Should School Cafeteria Serve Only Vegetables?
  3. Is Fast Food Just As Safe As Homemade Food?
  4. Why Should People Stop Taking Soda?
  5. What Can Students Do To Improve Their Grades?
  6. Why More Time Should Be Allocated To Sports In Schools
  7. Discuss Your Understanding of Democracy
  8. Describe The President of Your Country
  9. Is It Possible For Virtual Friends To Become Real-life Friends?
  10. Does Social Media Help Improve Mental Health?
  11. Should Education Be Tuition-free?
  12. Homeschooling vs Virtual Learning: Which One Should Stay?
  13. Do Students Have Too Much Access To The Internet?
  14. In What Ways Can Bullying Be Curbed?
  15. Why Are Sports Part of The School Curriculum?
  16. Should Students Engage In All Types of Sports?
  17. Write About Your Understanding of Democracy
  18. Write About Three of the World’s Most-Democratic Leaders
  19. What Is Healthy Competition For Middle School Students?
  20. What Punishment Is The Most Suitable For Bullies In Schools?
  21. What Are The Top Three Countries You Would Like To Visit?
  22. Should Children Be Taught How To Pray In Schools?
  23. What Do You Think About Tattoos and Piercings?
  24. How Can Parents Help Their Children To Do Better In Schoolwork?
  25. Is Homework Necessary For Students?
  26. Can A Middle Schooler Decide To Be A Vegan?
  27. Can A Middle Schooler Learn How To Drive?
  28. What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?
  29. What Was The Happiest Day of Your Life?
  30. What Was The Saddest Day of Your Life?
  31. Discuss Your Experience At The Gym
  32. Discuss The First Time You Learned How To Swim
  33. Discuss The First Day You Went Hiking
  34. Write About Your Experience With Your First Pet
  35. How Did Getting Your Personal Computer Feel Like?
  36. What Is That Smell You Will Never Forget?
  37. What Incident Scared You The Most?
  38. Write About Your Role Models
  39. Which Celebrity Will You Like To Meet?
  40. What Do You Think About Alien Invasion?
  41. Describe A Typical Day In Your Life
  42. Write About Your Favourite Parent
  43. Write About Your Favourite Food
  44. Should Middle School Students Be On Social Media?
  45. What Do You Know About Cyber-bullying?
  46. Write About Your Favourite Song
  47. Write About Your Favourite Instrument To Play
  48. Write About Your Favourite Movie
  49. Write About The Day You Met Your Best Friend
  50. Write About The Day You Got Sick
  51. Describe Your Experience At A Bank
  52. Describe Your Experience At A Zoo
  53. Describe Your Experience At A Beach
  54. Describe Your Experience With Your First Flight
  55. Write About How To Take Care of A Pet Dog
  56. Write About How To Take Care of A Pet Cat
  57. Should More Teenagers Be Involved In Tech?
  58. Write A Step-by-Step Method On How To Cook Your Favourite Meal
  59. What Can Your School Do To Get Rid of Bullying?
  60. Should Middle Schoolers Be Allowed To Talk About Politics In Schools?
  61. What Do You Understand About Peer Pressure?
  62. Should Middle School Students Be Stopped From Using A Cell Phone?
  63. What Is The Biggest Problem Facing Middle School Students?
  64. Why Are Uniforms So Important To Schools?
  65. Write About A Famous Ideology You Disagree With
  66. What Is The Best Thing About Middle School?
  67. What Is The Worst Thing About Middle School?
  68. If You Were To Be A Fantasy Animal, What Type of Animal Would That Be?
  69. Write About Your Life As A Middle Schooler
  70. Write A Letter To Your Role Model
  71. Write About What You Think Of Racial Discrimination
  72. Write About The Holiday You Love The Most
  73. Write About Your Favourite Toy
  74. What Would You Like To Study In College
  75. Write About Friendships

How To Write A Middle School Essay

The structure for a middle school essay is simple; it consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. As a teacher, you should guide your students on how to write these. The introduction of the essay should provide an idea of what the student wants to write about and the conclusion should summarize all that the student has written. The body paragraphs should have a natural flow of the student’s ideas. While this may be easy for most students, as a teacher, you should expect that not all students will get this right. Thus, it becomes your duty to help them.


Coming up with essay topics for middle schoolers can be mentally tasking. Thankfully, with this article, there are 75 different topics to choose from!

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